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Here are just some of the people I have had the pleasure of working

(These are "As written" by those I have worked with)

KatyB (Katex)

yay! Me and Mark should win an award for patience!! we waited for months to get this shoot in. covid pushing it back and life problems getting in the way. Mark is so so chilled out (even when stuck in traffic for 5 hours!). He's very considerate and understanding - which is a huge bonus on top of his photography skills.
We used a studio together for the first time, we had an idea of what we were going to shoot so we set up the first set pretty quickly and got shooting! The props that Mark came equipped with matched what outfits I had packed perfectly, so we were both over the moon with the results.
Mark knows about lighting and how to frame a shot and give it character. I love his style and it's a huge compliment to be a part of his portfolio.
Mark is so easy to get along with, the chatting never stops apart from when the lights are flashing! 😊.
He's always been on time and great with communication - it's only the 2nd time we've worked together but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any model.
So excited about what we will create on our trip abroad!
Thanks Mark,

Rawpics Studio

I had the real pleasure of Mark working at the studio this week. His pre shoot comms were excellent, booking the studio well in advance of the shoot date. He kept me well informed leading up to the shoot date and we discussed the plan for the day.
Mark arrived at the studio early and fully prepared for the day. I was very excited to meet Mark as I have followed his work for a long time and have always admired his work. His style and manner with the model was of the utmost professionalism at at all times and was constantly giving feedback to the model making her feel relaxed and it shows in his work.
It is without any hesitation that I would highly recommend Mark to anyone
100% Professional creative Photographer


I had my first shoot with Mark on Saturday which was such an amazing experience!
I am very happy that I had the opportunity to work with Mark. Excellent communication before the shoot and during. Mark made me feel very comfortable and helped me out with poses when I needed it. He is chatty and polite and you can also have a good giggle with him.
Mark also helped out with a variety of outfits which worked very well.
I would 100% recommend Mark to anyone!
We have also booked in more shoots together which I am so excited for!


Wow! I am very impressed how professional Mark is. I am so happy I had a chance to meet this lovely guy. Good communication before shoot! And the shoot was great time. Mark is nice, chatty and polite. Can’t wait to see results of our shoot. Highly recommended.

KatyB (Katex)

I had a shoot with Mark arranged at my house for half a day, and it felt by!
This was my first time working with Mark and he booked a couple of monthsin advance and his pre-comms were spot on! Telling me what to have ready to shoot in and giving me his contact details in advance.
Mark is a skilled photographer who knows what hes talking about when it comes to lighting. He's easy to talk to, polite and a pleasure to work with!
We shared alot of laughs and couple cups of coffee whilst creating images we were both proud of.
His passion for photographry is clear, and being a joy to be around makes it a bonus!
Thanks and i cant wait for future projects together.
*highly recommended*


Had my third shoot I think it is with mark the other day and it was a delight. Hes such a talented photographer. He knows exactly what hes doing and every angle and shot he gets is incredible.
I always love working with mark.
Hes a true professional and I would happily welcome him into my home for another shoot.
Highly recommended.
Hope to shoot again soon
Tann x


I had an excellent local shoot with Mark. Pre comms were great. The location was lovely, he had plenty outfits and props we could use and we got through a variety of styles on our shoot. I also love the images we got from the shoot. Hope to work with you again soon


I recently returned from an absolutely wonderful week in beautiful Formantera with Mark. The trio had been planned many months in advance, so we had both been able to come up with numerous ideas (and new outfits!) to fit the incredible landscapes and locations. From my perspective, the trip couldn’t have been more successful. We had a wonderful balance of shooting during the best hours of the day (around first and last light), and relaxing on the beautiful beaches in between. Mark was so well prepared for the trip and organised everything necessary to make it run smoothly. He is both a lovely travel companion and a truly brilliant photographer - who could ask for more from a photography trip! The images speak for themselves - they are something special indeed, and I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of their creation

Jen Bailey

Had an amazing time shooting with Mark and @kimb in Formentera shooting for electric dreams magazine
this was my second time in Formentera shooting with Mark and 3rd time shooting abroad with him as we shot in grancanaria last year too
I was so happy to be asked again and get this amazing opportunity
Mark is extremely talented photographer!
as well as very professional polite and respectful he is also brilliant company I  luv shooting away with him is always so much fun and the results are stunning  thay already look edited straight out of cam as Mark is so talented and then he somehow perfects them even more!
I absolutely luv marks work and he did realy well pairing me and Kim up as we look realy good as a duo
Thanks so much for another amazing opportunity super fun trip and stunning images
 I can’t recommend Mark highly enough extremely highly recommend!!! had a brilliant time and the results are awesome


Mark has to be one of the most polite professional photographer I have worked with not only does he capture beautiful images and make superb work , we just got back from a trip to formentera shooting and once again can’t wait to see what we created thank you so much mark x

Pollyanna Hale

Just had my first shoot with Mark and the pictures are fantastic, he's really talented and knows how to get the perfect shot. A very down to earth guy who's easy to work with and thoroughly professional.


Had an absolutely fantastic first shoot with Mark yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Mark was extremely organised and all communications were clearly detailed in advance. Mark is friendly, respectful, professional and all round top bloke. I was equally impressed with the fact that Mark takes great pride in his photography with creative ideas and attention to detail which is clearly highlighted in his fab work. From what I already seen we produced some superb images and worked well as a team. Mark gets my upmost recommendation. Don't miss the opportunity to work with this fantastic photographer and thank you once again for a great day. Very much look forward to shooting again
Had a fab shoot with mark as always super polite and professional always thinking of new ideas and ways to create lovely images I would recommend him to models if they have the chance to work with him xxx

Second time working with Mark and unlikely to be the last!
Perfect, clear pre-communication as before.Four hours flew by, Mark was full of good ideas and the shots on the back of the camera looked fantastic
No hesitation in recommending him!

Jen Bailey
I have lost count how many times iv shot with Mark as we have worked together for years now! And I would very highly recommend others models to shoot with Mark I have been studio model at Marks studio and workd with him on many different locations in uk and abroad. The results are always brilliant as Mark it very talented photographer this time we had duo gg shoot at the stuning Thurston lodge. With another photographer too it Was just as much fun as my other shoots with Mark he is very professional and respectful to models and very good at given direction to get the perfect shots, but also fun and easy to get along with and we all had a lath while working
I already have next booking abroad with Mark booked for 2019 can't wait! Very highly recommended photographer

I shot with Mark for the first time today at New Upper Mills studio.  
Pre communication was perfect, he arrived on time to pick me up and was friendly and professional throughout. He was super respectful and always made sure I was comfortable.
The time flew by and I love a lot of the shots I saw on the back of the camera.
I could confidently recommend him and I'm sure we will work together again soon.
Thanks Mark!

New Upper Mills Studios
I was delighted to host Mark at the studio on Sunday.  Mark arrived in good time together with his model and between them they created some very effective looks and styles.  They had a great rapport and their shoot was most productive.  Mark is a great photographer and is easy to work with.  I would be more than happy to have Mark back in the studio and I am more than happy to recommend Mark to other studios and models alike.

Gabriella Elena Knight...

Fab second shoot with Mark at my home studio.
Very professional and creative photographer. I loved Mark ideas and props Which he brought for our shoot.
Mark was happy with me posing and he was also giving me directions.
I would Love to shoot with Mark again!
Highy recommended

Jen Bailey...

Was so pleased when mark bookd me for a week shooting in gran canaria in July. We had loads fun shooting a wide range of looks at stunning different locations we found while exploring the island. art nude fashion glamour and cosplay mark had lots brilliant ideas and we got amazing shots!  I would defnatly recommend mark brilliant highly skilled professional photographer and very easy to get along with too  this was my second shoot abroad with mark and thay are so much fun very well lookd after amazing hotel and food and travel provided. had a brilliant time! and so pleased with the pictures thanks Mark  

Freya Fawn...

Worked with Mark for the first time at Keranda Studio. It was an enjoyable shoot. It was clear Mark knew what he was doing and what he wanted which made the shoot run very smoothly.
I would recommend working with him.


Always a pleasure to welcome Mark to Keranda, an experienced and talented photographer arrives with clear idea of his objectives for the day, bookings are always carried out with professional approach in a relaxed and convivial manner.
Marks bookings always welcome and appreciated by both myself and models booked.
Thanks Mark.


Mark was guest presenter to a tutorial organised by Suffolk West Federation of Women's Institutes - he received rave reviews from the 9 delegates he tutored including "Stunning presentation Education and fun, Mark has the patience of a saint with us - but all joining in and trying our best - JC", "I learnt loads - KG".

Jen Bailey...

I have worked with mark for years now since being on model books for his studio. We have worked together regularly since  and done lots amazing shoots here and overseas. This time we shot in brilliant hotel room location,very  fun and productive shoot as usual with mark  highly recommend great photographer and easy to get along with. Always fun shoots with brilliant results. Looking forward to our next shoot in Gran canaria

Bex White...

I can't believe it had been so long since I last worked with Mark. There are some photographers that you just 'click' with, in terms of personality of course, but also ideas, inspiration and a drive to achieve something - and Mark is absolutely one of these rare gems. He is one of the kindest, most respectful (and chattiest!) photographers I have ever come across, and I can recommend working with him without reservation. I only hope we don't leave it so long next time. I was genuinely sad when the shoot came to an end. THANK YOU Mark for a thoroughly lovely shoot

Ruby Rosetta...

I had a fantatsic shoot with Mark in a very smart and enormous hotel room. Mark was very pleasant to work with and competely courteous and respectful. I think he made great use of the room and the images I saw on the back of the camera were very impressive. He aims for quality rather than quantity and I had a thoroughly relaxing and fun shoot. Highly recommended.

Dorset-dreamgirl said...

I had an absolutely amazing first shoot with Mark. It was a pleasure working with him.
He is so knowledgable about photography and lighting, very good at guiding with posing! We both worked really well as a team!
Mark  has an outstading personality and he made me feel very comfortable  working with him. I cant wait to see final images and looking forward to  shoot again. Would highly recommend, dont miss a chance to work with  Mark!

HollyR  said...

I had such an amazing shoot with Mark, he is a genuinely lovely and funny guy and made the shoot really fun and exciting.
It  was my first time using Ashton Studios for a shoot and it worked  perfectly. Mark has a keen eye for lighting and detail, even teaching me  some things about photography I had never even heard of! His talent for  angles and ideas, along with the clothing we had both brought worked  amazingly with the feel of the studio. We were able to achieve some very  contrasting shots, which I cannot wait to upload on here!
Very much looking forward to working with Mark again, highly recommended.

Rebecca Perry said...

I had the best first photoshoot with Mark today in Gloucester.
A  personable, witty, fun Photographer A talented perfectionist, knows how  to work a camera and work with his surroundings. Provided me with  direction where required and was patient during costume changes.  Definity work with Mark again
Highly recommended to all
Thank you Mark for a fantastic photoshoot
Rebecca Perry

Lolita Rose UK said...

Had  the pleasure of working with Mark in the most beautiful hotel in  Gloucester last night. Arrived a little early just in time to chat to  the lovely Rebecca Perry (must see profile).
Mark is just a hugely experienced, talented and lovely photographer to work with.
Absolutely hit it off from the moment we met and just cant praise him highly enough.
Calm, professional and looking at his profile prior to working with him I knew this was going to be a highly productive 3 hours.
With  the images I had seen as the evening progressed, I already know that  Mark is going to be a photographer that will always remain on my list to  work with again.
The 3 hours flew by so hoping there will be many more.
100% professional who knows the business inside out.
Thank you Mark and cant wait to see the finished images !!

Jen Bailey said...

Had a week away shooting in Formentera with Mark and had such a good time   I could not recommended Mark more! the shoot was planed for over a year  Mark sent me clothes and accessories alouance and images of ideas and  outfits needed. As well as my shoot fee and clothing alouance all the  food travel and everything was covered   I have worked with mark for few years and was studio model at his  studio but I had not shot abroad before so was amazing opportunity   was lookd after so well hes very professional and would highly  recommend to other models. The pictures are even better than I expected   Mark is very talented photographer and has lots of creative ideas and  in the stunningly beautiful locations of Formentera the photo  opertunitys and ideas are endless. We shot wide range of looks fashion  art nude swimwear beauty etc Had so much fun shooting didn't want to  stop but Mark made sure I wasn't over workd. Thanks for a brilliant   week of shoots

Elena Model said...

Had my first shoot with Mark.
His pre communications were fab, we talked through so many ideas and prepared ourselves for a busy productive afternoon
Mark kindly picked me up and dropped me off to my house. Weather was not good but we still have some good pictures!
Mark was very polite and pantient. He brought some lovely dresses with him and super cool sunglasses .
I Really enjoyed shooting with Mark. Hope to work together in a future !
E x

Atalanta said...

I  had a shoot with Mark and his friend Graham a few weeks ago at  Blackbarn Studio. Mark is very knowledgeable about photography, easy to  work with, polite and good fun. Working with Mark was like a breath of  fresh air and I really enjoyed my time working with him. Looking forward  to seeing what we achieved from the day.

Jen Bailey said...

I  have worked with Mark lots and used to model for his studio when he was  more local. was great to work with him again this time at love photo  studio in Newmarket.
Always enjoy shoots with mark and this one was brilliant   he had lots  really good ides and new what shots he wants great pre  shoot comunication and examples. Provided outfits needed and gave  direction to get the perfect shots  pictures look amazing!
I would highly recommend working with Mark very talented photographer and shoots are always fun with amazing results
Can't wait for our trip to shoot in Formentera

Model Miss- Marie said...

what  a shoot, had so much fun today, he was vey welcoming early, and  professional, we created a few different images. and got through a lot  of different styles, we already have another shoot booked.
I would recommend him to everyone and everyone, really did enjoy todays shoot.
cant  wait to see what we achieved, he knew exactly what he was after, and  did everything to achieve the best shot, and he definitely did that
so happy with today thank you I look forward to our next shoot

Close up studio said...

It  was great to have Mark hiring my studio a few days ago. He is a true  professional with a passion for lighting like myself. Looking forward to  seeing you again soon Mark.

petite0306 Rhian) said...

I have nothing but praise for this wonderful photographer.
The time flew so quickly, and I felt at ease the whole time.  
He got my be working beyond what I realised I was capable of. And loved the final outcome  
Certainly comes highly recommended and can't wait to work with again  

kim brown said...

I had the pleasure of working with mark  abroad I honestly don't know where to start with the praise for this man  and photographer he is by far the politess man ever who make sure you  are always 100% comftable
He creates some of my best work to date  if you are given the chance to work with this photographer then you  must it will be the best shoot you do
100% thumbs up to this guy !!!!!!

Natasha Roses said...

Shot  with Mark at his old studio! Great man to work with! Would highly  reccomend! Very professional and had such a great studio! Would love to  work with him again x

Jade Samantha said...

I LOVED working with Mark, he is fun, easy going and laid back. We got some gorgeous images as well  
Mark  made sure I had a nice hot drink and was comfortable at all times. He  is interesting to talk to and we managed to get through quite a few  looks and sets in the 3 hours we had.
Thanks Mark xxx

EnnaVictoria said...

This  was my 2nd time shooting with mark and it was just as enjoyable as the  first! He's always laid back and friendly with a fab sense of humor!
The images looked amazing and I'm looking forward to working with him again!
Definitely recommended by me!

Brook Logan said...
I  have worked with Mark several times now, and have enjoyed every single  shoot! We always have such a great laugh as well as creating awesome  images together   Its never a boring shoot!!! Always fun & relaxed. Mark is always  full of new ideas which is awesome as we always end up creating cracking  shots! I could work with Mark over and over again!! Thanks again for a  really awesome shoot!!  
As always highly recommended to all models!  
Brook Logan Xx

EnnaVictoria said...

I  had a fantastic shoot with Mark today! Despite a slight delay due to  traffic he let me know in plenty of time and his communication  before/during and after was spot on! Thoroughly enjoyed shooting with  him and his lighting skills are just fab!
He's very laid back, friendly, chatty and professional. I felt completely comfortable from the word go!
Can't wait to see the final images and looking forward to working with him again
100% recommend him to all models!  

Jen Bailey said...

Had  a great shoot  with  Mark  on Saturday  at a hotel and have  worked   with  him quite a lot of times since  I've been modeling  I used to work regularly with him at his studio and was really nice to shoot with him again   He had lots of creative ideas and themes for the shoot that we  discussed before. he also provided the outfits and props Was a really  fun shoot. Can't wait to see the results.  I would highly recommend Mark  a great photographer and very easy to get along with too  really looking forward to future shoots
Shot 6 months ago

I  have worked with mark several times now Ns each time has been great  mark is such a genuine guy and makes you feel so at home. He also has so  many good ideas and the images always look amazing I highly recommend  mark and hope to work with him again in the future ☺️

Studio10 said...

Mark  booked the studio later this year and made good use of several of the  shooting areas. Mark is very polite and was respectful to the studio.  Came well prepared and turned up on time. Was a pleasure having you at  the studio and your most welcomed back anytime!
Thanks for booking Studio10

Lady P said...

Had  a great shoot with Mark and his friend at. Keranda stufio. One of the  most polite, respectful photographers I have ever worked with was an  absolute pleasure to be part of such a fun, creative shoot!

kim brown said...

There are so many positive things I could write about mark
1) most polite man you will meet!
2) his work and photos are top class
3) professional and always coming up with fresh ideas on themes for shoots
I could go on all day but if you get the opportunity to work with him the it's a must!!
Thank you again love Kim b x

Masha said...

I  had a fantastic shoot with Mark today, of which I enjoyed every minute  and learned lots too! The photos look great and Mark really made the  most of both my ability and the space we had. The shoot was very relaxed  and time flew by - definitely recommended!

Brook Logan said...

I  have worked with Mark quite a few times now, always love working with  Mark, his so relaxed and easy to work with, and a great laugh through  out!   Lets me get on with my own posing as well as his own ideas. Always  brings lots of props for me to pose with, which is lots of fun. And is a  total professional through out  Its always a total pleasure working with Mark, and I am sure we will be working together again soon!
Highly Recommend to all models
Brook Logan Xx

VictoriaSummers said...

WOW what a great shoot I had with Mark!
What an awesome guy, knows exactly what hes doing and so good at lighting.
Mark brought along some outfits and props which were so good we had a laugh shooting and I really enjoyed it.
I cant wait to see the images
HIGHLY recommended
I cant wait to shoot again!
Thank you x

Ifa Brand said...

Had a great shoot with Mark @Studio CC.
The  great thing about Mark was he already had the ideas in mind he wanted  to shoot, knowing the studio, having a clear plan of what he wanted to  do with lighting... so for me the job was easy. Not to mention he also  brought some lovely styling with him for me to shoot.
We  did several sets and of course it was clear Mark knows his craft. Bam,  lights this way. Boom, lights that way. Once again making my life very  easy.
Now, about the person Mark...
We had several  great talks together in between sets and it became clear our minds are  alike on various subjects. Mark made me feel relaxed and ready for the  day and for that I am thankful!

Clovie said...

Was a good shoot. Mark was great and had some great ideas and was very nice to me. Happy to work with him
Thanks xx

aj94 said...

Was  on the lighting tuition evening with Mark and had a very relaxed  evening learning about studio lighting using various setups. Mark has a  very relaxed style of sharing his knowledge.  I ejoyed being able to  capture images after he had talked through the setup and he inspires  confidence. Many thanks for a great evening.
Highly recommended.

Gus Gregory said...

Had  a great tutorial with Mark this week. He's full of ideas making for a  good learning environment. Wouldn't have any hesitation recommending  him.

keiths pics said...
Did  a lighting tutorial with Mark last night. What a great guy I really did  learn a lot in only 3 hours imagine if I had a full day under his  tuterage I might actually be able to produce some half decent images
 Thanks again Mark and looking forward to some 1 on 1  tuition

Angel. said...

Had  my second shoot with Mark at Studio cc, he was an absolute pleasure to  work with again, full of ideas and enthusiasm and made the session  relaxed and fun.
We got some brilliant results from what I saw on the back of the camera.
I would highly recommend him once again

Camy said...

I had a lovely shoot with Mark last weekend. He is a great photographer, very good with  his lighting !
I really enjoyed working together , highly recommended!
Camy xx

Angel. said...

Had a 3 hour session with Mark and his friend Graeme at Blackbarn studio.
He was really chatty and friendly as well as having some good ideas. I loved his enthusiasm and energy throughout the shoot!
He was also very talented with lighting and the results looked great!
I can't wait to see the final images. ,
Thanks for a fun shoot,

Amanita Storm said...
Had  a really enjoyable shoot today with Mark and fellow 'apprentice'  Graham. Lovely and friendly right from the start, and were a pleasure to  work with all the way through   Mark is very talented and knows what he's doing in terms of creative  flair and equipment. We produced some incredible imagery, and I came  away from the shoot with a smile on my face  Would love to work with him again, very highly recommended! x

Alice Star said...

I  had an amazing shoot with Mark yesterday. We got on well, had a laugh  and worked well together to create some wonderful images. Mark is ever  so friendly whilst also very professional. Very much enjoyed working  with him. Highly recommended!!  

Eloise Wilson MUA said...

Working  with Mark yesterday was an absolute joy and I highly recommend him! His  friendly and relaxed nature makes for a lovely work atmosphere and his  enthusiasm for what he does is very obvious. Mark is full of ideas and  talent!
Thanks again Mark

BexWhite said...

I have been terribly remiss in failing to leave a reference for Mark before now - I am so sorry Mark! This is absolutely no reflection on how much I enjoyed the shoot - I genuinely loved every moment. Mark has a great skill in recognising a model's strengths and playing to them - which is a lovely way to work. Mark is wholly respectful, and made sure I was comfortable at all times. He is also very laid back and relaxed - an absolute delight to work with

Thank you Mark!

Ari Adne said...

Having already met Mark before the shoot, I had no reservations regarding his sociable and affable nature - and as a photographer these attributes were consistent as anticipated. Faultlessly accommodating and professional with a insatiable flare for experimentation and real-time development; more than happy to facilitate ideas and suggestions I had with the creativity to integrate them with his own to establish an effective final product as a collective.

The entire shoot was an inarguable pleasure from start to finish and I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. I look forward to working with him again!

kim brown said...

ad a great shoot with mark he is definitely my best photographer I work with just look at his images they speak for them selves he is a top man and such a polite professional too no one in 9 years of being a model has yet match his pictures!!!! I cant wait to go back and do more with him soon xxx

AnnaPhoenix said..

Mark was quick with communication, making for an easy booking. He was professional throughout the shoot and had a clear idea of what he wanted, giving good, clear direction.

Mark looks after his models well and treats them with respect, giving a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all

I have no hesitation recommending Mark for models experienced or amateur. A true professional.

Toy Chloe said..

I had a lovely shoot with mark! relaxed and easy day kept me feed and warm and we got some lovely photos! looking forward to our next shoot

would recommend mark to anyone

Chloe Xx

anna marie rose said...

Had a great shoot with Mark. relaxed and fun shoot Recommended. Professional nice studio and changing/make up room photos received quickly and look great over the moon with them thankyou very much mark  

Sarah Pumfrey Hairstylist said...
I had the pleasure of working with Mark for the first time yesterday. He creates a very warm and welcoming environment and is highly professional. He edited some of the shots he had taken between model changes which was great to see the images so quickly. I would be happy to work with Mark again.

Claire Gasking

I had the pleasure of working with Mark today. He is a very friendly and welcoming person. He picked us up from the train station and we worked in his amazing studio. He has many creative ideas and allowed me to use my own aswell. He gave positive feedback throughout the shoot and was very patient when it came to the hair and make up.

Marks editing made the photo 100% better. He takes into account every inch of detail in the photo with very quick results. Would love to work with him again!

Kim Brown

Had another shoot with mark and where do I start!

He is one of the most polite most caring photographers out there who always so professional through out shoot making sure I'm always warm , got a drink , and sweets in the dressing room

His work is phenomenal I must say in 9 years his photos are my favourite!!

He always thinks outside the box coming up with creative unique photos ... Can't wait to go back and work with him again very soon kind regards Kim b xxxx

Michelle de Feo

Highly recommended!! Very nice guy!! Made me feel at ease always asking if I was okay and warm.

Knew what he was doing and kept showing me some amazing photos!

Look forward to working with you again soon. Thank you.


Had great shoot with Mark today, pleasure to work with and I already looking forward working together again  highly recommend x


Great group tuition shoot with mark yesterday and six other photographers that attended! This was the first time i have ever attended a tutorial shoot and admittedly was highly nervous but Mark and the group were great and made me feel so very welcome and looked after! Lovely studio and great lighting ideas for the tutorial really cant wait to see the final result! (nudge nudge mark)  Highly recommended!


Had a shoot with Mark today at his studio he was very professional and very welcoming Mark had some great ideas and I felt very comfortable in his presence which for me being only 16 is really important I cant wait to work with him again and would highly recommend Mark and his studio.

Thanks again Mark



I had a really nice shoot with Mark yesterday. He is a nice guy and great photographer. Can't wait til our next booking and to see the pictures from yesterday :) Thankyou mark, see you again soon x

Brook Logan

Had a Shoot with Mark today at his studio, he was fun, professional and really easy to work with. Was full of ideas! And got to pose in some of his lovely outfits :) Made me feel very welcoming, and already got a shoot day booked up already :) I highly Recommend Mark and his studio :)


Gemma (MissVeilside)

Worked with Mark a fair bit now, cannot complain, keep going back as have not worked with a better photographer! Attention to detail and lighting is spot on, and can always create the right mood for the shot. Do not ever feel uncomfortable, always have a laugh and see him as more of a best friend than a photographer... 100% recommend!

Mark Clark  

Mark is a great photographer, we got on very well and gave me the confidence I needed. We got some great results, I recommend him to all models. Thanks again.


Had a great shoot with Mark today. perfect communication skills :) xx


I had my first shoot with mark today. We instantly got on and both him and the studio was great! He has really good ideas and I loved the shots we got! Hopefully will be working together again very soon! Thanks Mark! :-)


Fantastic photographer, easy to work with. Brilliant studio size, space to work with/in, equipment, props etc. Enjoyed every minute of the shoot with Mark. Already started discussing ideas for our next shoots. Cant wait. Book this photographer now. Thank you so much Mark, for such a good experience. Looking forward to working with you again. Tink, x

CandyLove (Charlie)

Once again had another amazing day with mark in the studio, great direction and ideas. Such a gentleman always making sure everything is ok and offering help with my bags! Would highly recommend mark to anyone! Especially those that need a confidence boost and a point in the right direction :D ... Makes a good cup of coffee aswell! always a bonus!


I had my first location shoot with mark today and he made it very enjoyable he made
me feel comftable straight away he was considerate towards me and proffesional and
he had some great ideas that worked really well and what i loved was that he can take
a great pic straight away job done ! v impressed ! x


had a wonderful shoot at PTP studio with mark ,highly recomend him and would love too work with him again ,great conversation and a very positive attitude .
:) .saphirekay


This was my first shoot with Mark today and I couldn't have enjoyed it more! I felt completley comfortable, we worked well together and he gave great direction. We got some beautiful pictures! I would completley recommend Mark and can't wait to work with him again!


Had a fab shoot with Mark today. He is really fun to work with and was very well organised. He's very proffessional an It was a pleasure to work with him. Well reccommended!


I had a fantastic shoot with Mark yesterday! He's very friendly, warm and i loved the fact that he knew what kind of shoot he wanted, with different ideas and concepts!
I hope to be working with him again after his trip to California.

Have a lovely time! xx


Had a great shoot with Mark today. He is very professional and easy to get on with. Got some fantastic images! Hope to work with him again soon before he jets off to live abroad. Highly recommended.

Thanks Theresa xxx


Had my second shoot with Mark today, and enjoyed it so much. He's an excellent photographer and makes it a very relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended. Cant wait to work with again.

Nina Leigh

Mark is fabulous to work for! cannot praise high enough, easy to get on with,

understanding, had great ideas and really enjoyed our shoot... 100% recommended to


Thanks loads mark


Had a fab shoot with Mark today (1st april). He is a very professional tog with an

unbelievable eye for detail.He will make you look great in photos and you can see the

photos as he goes along. stunning studio,props,furniture,clothing!

thanks again!


Had great shoot with mark, learnt new posing tips and felt totally at ease, look forward to

working with him again!!

Kim Holland

Mark made me feel very comfortable and at ease which was brilliant as it was my first

shoot, was the perfect gentleman and am looking forward to working with him again!

Emma Frances

Had another really good shoot with Mark a couple of weeks ago. We had lots of fun taking

pictures and came up with some really good ideas. He knew what outfits he wanted me to

wear each time and came prepared. Both shoots ive had with Mark i have felt very

comfortable and have had some really good pictures out of it. I would definately

recommend him. :) xxx


I had my first bodypaint shoot ever with Mark. He made it fun and enjoyable and was

100% proffesional. There was good communation before the shoot and he explained in

detail what he wanted. Im very happy with the pics ive seen so far and would recommend

him :) Thanks


Jess West

had a fab shoot with mark the other day a body painting shoot was so much fun and really

enjoyed it I would deff work with mark again and would deff recomend

Thanks jess

Jenny Lei

Have worked with Mark previously & once again had a fantastic shoot! Thanks once again

Mark! 100% recommended x


It was a real pleasure working with Mark on today's shoot. He was patient and charming,

and very understanding despite me getting delayed on the M25!

The shoot itself was a great concept and a really nice idea, which was well organised and

executed. Pre-shoot communications were excellent.

Thanks for a lovely time, Mark, and apologies again for the traffic delay - for which I feel

truly mortified! I owe you one.


I've had a great shoot with Mark and with my friend Evey Kristal. Mark is lovely guy and

very easy to work with. Yes we had a great fun...can't wait to see the photos and hope to

work with Mark again.

Evey Kristal

I had a great shoot with Mark yesterday! Lots of fun! It was very helpful that me and

Natalie could see the images on the laptop straight away, so we could adjust our poses


Mark was very professional and the studio he hired was very good!

Would love to work with him again!


Worked With Mark Yesterday & Have To Say It Really Was A Pleasure :) He New Exactly

What Type Of Images He Wanted To Achieve And Worked Well As A Team To Produce A

Number Of Fantastic Shots!! Defo Recommend Mark As Photographer He Was Professional

Yet Very Laid Back And We Had A Great Laugh Whilst Getting Some Amazing Pics.. He

Listened To My Idea's And Gave Direction Where Needed Hope To Work With Him Again

Soon x

Michelle MacGregor (Makeup Artist)

Worked with Mark on a shoot in Essex this month (March 10)

Mark, like me is very organised & comes prepared (almost with the kitchen sink) which I

think is why we worked well as a team!

Mark works well to time & managed to fit in an incredible amount in a 5hr shoot!

Stunning images & the model was very Happy with the results

Mark also had great communication before & during the shoot

Highly recommended :-)


Mark is an excellent photographer, it was a long time since I last modelled and he made it

so easy. He made me feel at ease and very comfortable I had all the help and advice I

needed starting from preparing for the shoot, during the shoot and he still gives me help

and advice now. The pictures we did are excellent and if I could, I would work with mark

every day of the week. He is very professional and his pictures are some of the best I have

seen. It was a total pleasure working with you Mark, Thanks again it was well worth the

travel down.

Lexi Star

Had a great shoot with Mark last night. Easy to work with, polite, professional, most

importantly knows how to have a laugh! Am looking forward to working with Mark again in

the near future! Def recommend xx


Mark is a joy to work with, made me feel at total ease and comfortable. got some really

great images. looking forward to working with him again. thanks Mark, I had a great day,

defiantly worth the travelling down. jasmin x


Had my first fashion shoot with Mark and he was an excellent photographer to work with!

He taught me everything i needed to know, guided me with my poses and encouraged me

the whole time. Mark new i had never done modelling before but treated me like a


Our photos are great. Thanks Mark, look forward to working with you soon.


I had a fantastic shoot with mark today. He had lots of great ideas and is great fun, friendly

and reliable. He is a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to working with him again

real soon x x


Mark's a lovely guy, had a great time on our location shoot.

The images are fab - Cheers Mark!

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